Our Company

We believe that our success as a business stems from our value system. We EARN in order to GIVE. Generosity is a choice! It’s a choice that we strive to make personally and as a business. We’ve been able to support our local church, 3rd World Country Health Organizations and local families because of the success of our business. The impact we have is not something we take lightly. The people that work with us can tell that we genuinely care about them and our community.


Meet The Team

Donny- Project Manager

Donny’s a HUGE reason we’re in business today. He’s as handy as they come and knows how to move our projects forward. His ability to adapt and his love for a new challenge is the perfect combination for a Fix n’ Flip business!

Cynthia- Designer

What would we do without Cynthia? Sometimes Donny and I can be visually challenged when it comes to design. 9 times out of 10 we call Cynthia in for her advice and guidance. Her eye for design is vital in our success in selling these homes for top dollar on the back end.

Trica- Admin

Tricia is my right hand WOMAN aka my wife! She has worn just about every hat you could wear in a business. When it comes to keeping us organized, on track and in check, no one’s better!’

Alex- Real Estate Agent

Alex has been a business partner of ours from the beginning. He does a little bit of every job listed above. He wants to see our properties sell for top dollar, so he gets involved in every way he can. His passion for real estate and expertise is unmatched in our area.

Brady- Acquisition Specialist/Partner

Brady was a college roommate of mine and has remained a close friend since then. He, like many others in my company, wear a multitude of hats. However, his primary role is being the ‘connector’. He plays a part in acquiring our properties and connects all the dots along the way.

Myles- Founder/Managing Partner

And then there’s me. My primary responsibility is analyzing and planning. I’ve worked in every part of my business and know it from top to bottom. At the end of the day, we are a business that provides an alternative. I pursue excellence and constantly look for ways to improve. Life can throw some crazy things at you sometimes and I like for my company to be a bright spot through that.

Nothing Hidden, No Surprises

I’ve found that I like buying services/products from companies that have total transparency! If you want to learn more about how we calculate our offer, check out our ‘How It Works’ page. If you’d like to talk with us, call us at 864-501-3951.

Often times you’ll hear a company make a promise that sounds nearly impossible to keep….often times it is. Here is what I can promise with no hesitation; we will be transparent, responsible and fully committed to offering YOU the best solution possible. Every situation has unique challenges, however, we will do everything in our power to put you in the best situation possible. We’ve lost deals in the past because of our commitment to that promise, but for some reason those conversations are always the most rewarding!

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